Hi. My name is Lee. I’m a retired firefighter. I started coming to Dr. Gerckens about 29 years ago. I suffered a severe back injury, and an orthopedic surgeon said that I’d never make it through retirement age as a firefighter.

Dr. Gerckens put me back in shape very quickly, and I’ve had great results ever since. I made it through a complete career of 35 years, and I really owe a lot of it to his treatment.

L.H. –
Ventura, CA

Hello. I’m Sydney. Before I came here, I was on a ton of medication. I think a lot of what was going on was my body was really confused in itself, I guess. I came to Dr. Gerckens’ office due to the fact that I just didn’t feel like myself at all. I was referred here by my best friend. She said, “he’s a miracle worker, and he can fix you, and blah blah blah.” I’m like, “OK, sure. Whatever you say.”

So then I came here once and thought “this is all right.” My dad came to the appointment also. He heard the doctor talk about, like, he’s not a miracle worker but he’s gonna try his best. And then I went to another appointment here, and then, like, the whole reason why I came, which was because I was shuffling when I was walking, I was shaking all the time, it was just really bad news… It all got fixed almost instantly. So according to what I witnessed and had happened to me, I think he is a miracle worker.

I’m not the way I was before I came here anymore, and now I’m much better. And that’s it!

S.B. –
Oxnard, CA

Dr. Gerckens is the best chiropractor I have been to. I severely pinched my sciatic nerve 25 years ago. I walked with tremendous pain until I saw a chiropractor.The chiropractor I saw provided some relief, but the problems kept returning. I visited many chiropractors over the years, but my back pain did not permanently end until I visited Dr. Gerckens. Before each adjustment the patients receive a massage to loosen up the body for the treatment. Then Dr. Gerckens comes in and adjusts the patient. The doctor has always been patient and always asks if I feel better after each visit. In the past, I have seen other good chiropractors but none combined skill with caring like Dr. Gerckens. If you want to feel better this is the chiropractor to see.

T.B. –
Oxnard, CA

Several years back, I joined Crossfit, which is a fairly intense physical training activity. I joined because my wife was training for the fire academy and she started to get buffer than I. So I had to keep up. So I joined Crossfit, and for the first time in my life, I injured my back. I was weightlifting – it’s an intense workout. And Dr. Gerckens saw me at my restaurant about three days after my injury, and I was still not able to straighten up. I was that stubborn about care that I said, “well, this will go away.”

He said, “just come in for a treatment.”

I have to tell you that I came in that day, and that day I was back to walking straight. And within three days, all the pain was gone completely.

Now keep in mind, prior to this, I’d wake up every morning, my back would hurt and it’d take a little while to get into the day. And that has really gone away. What I have decided to do is to go on a maintenance program. I go in to see Dr. Gerckens, and for the last three years of Crossfit, even though people around me fall like flies in this sport activity, I believe that the maintenance program that Dr. Gerckens has me on has kept me physically fit and kept me away from injury. Knock on wood.

I’m in the best shape of my life at 49 years old, and I attribute a lot of that to the care that I have from Dr. Gerckens.

D.C. –
Ventura, CA

Hi. My name is Miguel . I’m a patient of Dr. Gerckens. I’ve been with Dr. Gerckens for about two years now, and prior to coming in , I was in terrible shape. I had drop foot, I had pains in my lower back and shoulders. I tell you , I thought that this was what you feel like at my age , which at the time was 69 or 70.

I started to see Dr. Gerckens. And within a few months I started feeling so much better! Actually, he gave me a set of exercises to do , and I did them religiously. And pretty soon , I didn’t have drop foot Anymore! And that was unheard of ! It’s fantastic! People I spoke to said I’d need to have a special shoe made, and other things to get at the drop foot, and that was not the case here. It was just the exercise and the treatments.

Now I feel great, and it gave me a new lease on life , and I can do more things than I did before. Mentally , I was doing other things but my body wasn’t letting me . Now my mental status is in sync with my body . And I’m able to do things. However, the key is to continue with the treatments. Continue coming in , and you can look forward to a long, healthy life.

M.T. –
Ventura, CA