At Gerckens Chiropractic, we view a person’s health as having three components: structural health, chemical health, and mental health. If any one side of that triad is weak, it can lead to illness or injury – and only by considering all three sides of the triad can we restore health.

Structural health involves the structure of the body: in what way the spine is aligned or misaligned and what muscles are strong or weak. Massage and chiropractic adjustments directly address this element.

Chemical health has generally been considered the domain of the medical profession, who attempt to control various aspects of human life through drugs. It is also, however, concerned with what chemicals are being consumed by your body – what you eat or drink and what substances are being breathed such as tobacco or smog. We work with detoxification programs and nutritional supplementation to help your chemical health.

Mental health has been shown more and more to affect and be effected by the structure and chemical health of a person. Fun activities can get rid of a headache or change your biochemistry at a cellular level, postural or chemical changes can affect your mood. Applied Kinesthiology techniques can address a person’s health from a mental as well as a physical direction.

By viewing an individual as a Total Person, rather than overspecializing and only trying to address a person’s health from a single side of the triad, Gerckens Chiropractic is much more effective at helping our patients.

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